Strategy - I can:

  • Provide a full, detail technical due diligence on your product and team
  • Assess the capabilities, strengths and weaknesses of your tech team
  • Assess whether your technology can scale
  • Focus the vision of your company to a single strong achievable focus
  • Refine your product's business model to highest achievable ROI
  • Define your competitive landscape -- both direct and adjacent competitors, and the strategies to counter them
  • Refine your product and its mobile and tablet strategy 
  • Shorten your time to revenue with a solid business model and strategic roadmap 

Build - I will:

  • Optimize your product and site performance.
  • Recruit a technology team capable of quickly executing your vision
  • Design your product and UI with the simplicity and appeal that will grow virally to millions of consumers
  • Design your product on desktop, cloud, mobile, app and tablet
  • Hire and manage your tech team, the products and their online distribution 
  • Ensure you avoid costly mistakes in hiring the wrong tech team or using the wrong technology for your product build
  • Shorten your time to revenue by following the strategic business model and roadmap designed during the Strategy phase
  • Course-correct your technology and product and set it back on track with a solid technical and product roadmap

Execute - I can also (for companies in which I have built the product and strategy): 

  • Function as CTO/CEO combined to drive the product vision to market
  • Guide the launch and growth to market share
  • Raise the capital required to achieve staged growth to exit
  • Direct the exit strategy and ROI to the investors and founders
  • Re-position, course-correct, re-build, and re-launch new versions and visions of the product to turn around the company